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FINDING a solution to the frightening problem of alcohol-fuelled violence on our city streets is no simple matter – as shown by the wide range of responses being explored by the authorities, here in Queensland and interstate.

On Tuesday,NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell announced what are being billed as the toughest law and order measures the state has ever seen in a bid to control the sort of out-of-control thuggery that has seen too many young men fatally clubbed to the ground by coward punches.

Mr O’Farrell’s new rules include 1.30am pub lockouts and 3am last drinks in the city’s nightlife district and mandatory two-year jail terms for anyone found guilty of a drunken assault. He also promised to spend as much money as it took to get the problem under control.

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  • Date January 23, 2014
  • Tags Media Clippings - OPCK, One Punch Can Kill Program
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