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Launch of ‘One punch can kill’ campaign.


A campaign aimed at raising awareness throughout the Newtownabbey area of ‘one punch attacks’ has been launched.

Spearheading the campaign are Newtownabbey Policing and Community Safety Partnership in conjunction with the PSNI, Youth Justice Agency and Northern Ireland Policing Board.

Speaking at the launch of the One Punch Can Kill campaign, PCSP chairperson, Councillor Jim Bingham, advised that PSNI figures have revealed that there have been 21 deaths since 2004 as a result of such deadly attacks in Northern Ireland and many more people have been seriously injured.

He added: “With the festive season fast approaching, young people are being urged to enjoy their nights out but to please remember that One Punch Can Kill.

“Many of these incidents are fuelled by excessive alcohol consumption and can have a devastating effect on the victim, their family and also the perpetrator who may face a murder or manslaughter charge as a result of their actions.”

As part of its strategy to reduce violent crime, the PSNI has produced a short film in partnership with the Northern Ireland Policing Board and the Youth Justice Agency targeting young males aged between 15-25 years.

The film aims to prevent serious crime and protect people, particularly young people from harm.

It also hopes to educate young people about the consequences of being involved in serious crime and to improve the knowledge of young people about reporting serious crime and other means of support.

The film, which was launched last month at the Foyle Film Festival, is being used as part of an educational package that will be rolled out across all policing districts in Northern Ireland.

At the film launch, Anne Connolly, chairperson of the Northern Ireland Policing Board said: “This short film portrays the potential consequences of a night out and how a split second action or reaction can shatter lives.

“No one wants a knock on the door with the terrible news that someone close to them has either been the victim or the perpetrator of a violent crime.

“The statistics show that alcohol is a factor in violent crime incidents and we hope this campaign will make people think about their actions to ensure a good night out does not end badly.”

To watch the film, please visit: http://youtube/V3acLWmr2tQ

News source:  www.newtownabbeytoday.co.uk


  • Date December 28, 2013
  • Tags Media Clippings - OPCK, One Punch Can Kill Program
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