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THE lethal nature of just one punch was brought to the attention of a young man in Wagga Local Court yesterday.

Magistrate Michael Antrum made the stern warning about the possible ramifications of a “king hit” to Jake Ashley Clark, of Mount Austin.

Clark appeared on one charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, with police facts tendered to the court suggesting the alleged attack was unprovoked.

“This is a court of law, it’s not the front page of newspapers,” Mr Antrum said

“The courts have been saying for a long time, a single punch can kill.”

Mr Antrum told Clark – who allegedly punched another man in August – that had he “connected well” with the victim, the outcome could have very different in court yesterday.

In making his decision, he took into account Clark’s early guilty plea and indicated a discount of 25 per cent.

Clark, 22, was convicted, placed on a nine-month good behaviour bond and fined $330.

Legal Aid lawyer Chris Murnane told the court his client had no history of violence and no drug or alcohol problems, the only thing on his record related to driving.

Mr Murnane said Clark believed the victim had burned out his brother’s car about eight or nine months before the alleged incident took place.

The court was told he had previously worked with horses but hadn’t been able to since a serious accident in 2012.

“He would like to get back into the racing industry, that’s his first love,” Mr Murnane said.

According to police facts, Clark was the co-accused in the incident, which occurred about 9.30pm on August 23.

The victim was walking home alone about 9.15pm when he exchanged brief words with the accused.

He went to get his uncle, who returned to the location with him, to settle their differences.

Upon arrival, words were exchanged between parties before Clark, who was standing near the front gates, came face-to-face with the victim.

Police claim Clark grabbed him by the collar with his left hand and said: “why did you burn my brother’s car out?”

When the victim replied “I don’t know nothing about it”, Clark is said to have changed arms, grabbing him by the collar with his other hand, before tilting backwards slightly and throwing a punch.

Clark made contact with the victim’s lip, causing it to bleed on both inside and outside his mouth.

The victim then left and contacted police.

According to the facts, “at no time did the victim give either the accused or co-accused (Clark) any reason to act in this way towards him”.

Original source: http://www.dailyadvertiser.com.au/story/2025634/single-punch-can-kill-magistrate/?cs=12


  • Date January 16, 2014
  • Tags Media Clippings - OPCK, One Punch Can Kill Program
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