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Despite throwing punches for a living, champion boxer Danny Green wants to send a message to Australia’s young men about the consequences of throwing one in anger. 

Danny Green has made a living out of fighting. As one of Australia’s most successful professional boxers he’s stepped into the ring almost 40 times to win more than 30 bouts – almost all of them ending in a knock out.

In the wake of the summer’s fatal violence in Sydney, the man known as The Green Machine is trying to reinvigorate his own campaign to end what has since been dubbed as the ‘coward punch’ – an unprovoked or unwarranted punch thrown for no reason.

Last year the boxer produced and appeared in an advertisement shown in Perth movie theatres with the slogan ‘One Punch Can Kill’.

In the short video Danny intervenes at the moment a young man in a pub swings his fist at the back of another’s head before explaining, “One punch can end his life and ruin yours.”

Speaking with Jen Fleming on 702 ABC Sydney, Danny explained that young Australian men need to understand that what he and other boxers do in the ring has no place on the street.

“People always say it’s a bit strange coming from someone who is a professional boxer.”

“(Boxing) is a sport in a sporting arena and far different to simply going out and just senselessly punching someone – punching another human being – for absolutely no reason, from behind or from the side is a cowardly gutless act.”

“My message is to try and get to the youth and try to speak to them and try to get rid of this horrible culture.”

The death of 18-year-old Daniel Christie as a result of an alleged unprovoked one-punch attack at Sydney’s Kings Cross on New Year’s Eve has reinvigorated interest in Danny’s ‘one punch can kill’ campaign. The boxer says the message needs to get out there to prevent future tragedies.

“It’s so sad that it takes another beautiful young life like Daniel Christie to be taken in order for people to stand up and take notice.”

Danny also downplayed the influence that sports like boxing can have on people’s attitude to violence outside of the ring saying it all comes down to individuals.

“If you’re training in the art of fighting, if you’re watching fights; that’s not going to make someone go and crack a person for no reason in the middle of the street one night.”

“You’re either a scumbag or you’re not a scumbag.”


Original source: http://www.abc.net.au/local/stories/2014/01/15/3925902.htm?site=sydney


  • Date January 16, 2014
  • Tags Media Clippings - OPCK, One Punch Can Kill Program
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