Its Not Sport

“It’s Not Sport, It’s NOT ON ANYMORE” says The One Punch Can Kill™ Campaign

On Anzac Day we remember our brave, yet some choose to act like cowards. The post-match fight that erupted in Rockhampton yesterday between Brothers and Colts rugby clubs was criminal. Nowhere in the rules of Rugby is there a provision or rules to govern post match brawls. Without the sanction of the sideline, all involved in yesterday’s violent brawl can and must face criminal charges.

“From our lounge rooms to our stadiums, this macho culture of sorting things out with our fists must end.” says Campaign Manager Simon Turner. “Professional sport should no longer sanction violent behavior, it is criminal.”

“This is another clear example that violence is not simply the result of substance use and abuse. It is an example that violence in Australia is a cultural issue and more to the point a problem we can no longer ignore with the – it’ll be right – attitude”, says QHVSG General Manager Ross Thompson and long term campaigner for the One Punch Can Kill™ message. “All it takes is one punch, one split second and another life is lost. The difference is the loss lasts a lifetime for families.”

Suspensions and fines amount to no more than slap on wrists, but the consequence of being charged with a criminal offence, might just make players think twice before assaulting someone. The One Punch Can Kill™ campaign understands our youth do not need to witness such violent and uncivil behavior. Their lives are already saturated with violence. “We must be vigilant in educating community that violence is not an acceptable way to act towards anyone. Regardless of whether you are on a football field, a playground or in a night club, we are accountable for our actions; we need be more respectful of difference and certainly more tolerant towards one another.” says Ross Thompson.