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QHVSG Membership Application

Queensland Homicide Victims’ Support Group (QHVSG) is one of Queensland’s most highly regarded community support services and is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its members and the wider community.

QHVSG has a very proud history of providing nurturing support to our members and are privileged to walk alongside them as they navigate the horrendous journey of living in the aftermath of homicide.

QHVSG offers 24-hour emotional support, personal advocacy and information to all people affected by homicides that occur in Queensland, regardless of age, gender, culture or religion.

Formed over 25 years ago, QHVSG foundations have been built on passion, enthusiasm for change, commitment to cause and the altruistic nature of its Management Committee, Staff and Volunteers. These characteristics have allowed QHVSG to develop a high quality and personalised support service to nearly 150 new families each year who experience first-hand the devastating effects of homicide.

QHVSG is not only an organisation with strong ties to the community and a commitment to promote the rights of homicide victims, but is fundamentally a place of solace and refuge for those who are attempting to piece their lives back together after the tragic and senseless loss of someone they love.

Please complete the following fields to secure your financial membership. Financial membership is only required if you would like to become a Board member or vote at our AGM. Support will still be provided if you choose not to become a financial member.

The following information provided by you is for the sole use of QHVSG and will not be redistributed to any other parties. QHVSG treats your privacy very seriously. For more on what information we collect and what we do and don’t do with it, please read our Privacy policy

No information or statements about QHVSG or any information produced in QHVSG’s communications may be released to the media without the prior approval of the Chairperson or nominated spokesperson of QHVSG. Any breach of confidentiality may lead to the cancellation of your membership. Please find rules of the association in QHVSG’s Constitution

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