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The Victims Journey

When we are told someone we love has been taken from us in a sudden and violent way, our world feels suddenly shattered. The intense and hugely varying emotions that flood our hearts and minds is impossible to convey, and while it may feel like we can’t go on, we can and we do …but it takes time, and a willingness to be kind to yourself, knowing that the multitude of conflicting emotions you are dealing with is normal.

QHVSG is here to support, guide and care for you and your family with compassion and understanding, from the earliest days immediately following the incident and for as long as you need thereafter. Many of our team has experienced what you are going through and that means we are prepared for the many ups and downs that accompany your journey ahead. The following pages will provide you with helpful information about what to expect, where to seek further advice and how to care for yourself and others during this time. The most important thing to remember is ‘you are not alone’.

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