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24-Hour Support Line: 1800 774 744


Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Peer support
  • Crisis & trauma early intervention
  • Help with applications and documentation to a range of services
  • Referral to legal services and psychologists
  • 24 hour, free call information and support line
  • Facilitation of support meetings, where members can meet others in their area
  • Court support for supreme and magistrate court trials and committal hearings
  • Regular information meetings, where members can access relevant information on the justice system, the investigative process, grief & loss process, government & financial assistance, the media and more
  • Invitations to social events in your area, where you can meet others in an informal environment
  • Publication of bi-monthly newsletter providing families with information on grief & loss, legislative law reform reports and personal tributes to loved ones
  • Information on QLD criminal justice system, and advice on how you can participate in this process
  • Advocacy to community and government agencies

There is no charge for our services; but we are a minimally-resourced charity, and we encourage you to become a financial member of the organisation for a nominal fee per annum.

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