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Counselling Services

A lot of people underestimate the importance of their own mental health. It’s common enough to go to the doctor for physical pains, but what of your psychological wellbeing? When we realise mental health can have a great impact on your physical health, and how you cope on a daily basis, then it makes sense to seek assistance for this also.

A counsellor will assist you with person growth, development and self-understanding; to help empower you to adopt more constructive life practices. Your counsellor works in a problem-solving manner for your particular issues. Counselling can help in all areas of life, however, when an event such as homicide occurs within your family, grief counselling can often be helpful in assisting you to cope with day to day life.

The difference between a counsellor and psychologist

A counsellor is more reflective and person orientated, whereas a psychologist can be a little more interventionist and goal orientated. This difference is not clear cut with all therapists; each has their own style and method which may suit the client

Remember, you must be absolutely comfortable and trusting of your therapist, if you don’t, consider changing person or methods

I can’t afford a counsellor

Victim Assist Queensland generally provides financial assistance to families who have lost a loved one through murder. This can assist you with your counselling needs.

QHVSG can arrange counselling for you, or alternatively, there are free counselling services available around Queensland.

Another method of obtaining free counselling is to see your local GP who can recommend you to be placed on a Mental Health Plan. They can refer to you a counsellor (who normally charge for their services) free of charge under this system

Coronial Family Services

For all deaths that are being investigated by a Queensland Coroner, all next of kin are entitled to counselling services. For more information visit their website.

Free call: 1800 449 171

Phone: (07) 3096 2794



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