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24-Hour Support Line: 1800 774 744

Forms and Downloadables


QHVSG Forms and Downloadables

QHVSG – Support Information

QHVSG Support For Families Brochure

QHVSG Peer Support Program Brochure

QHVSG Educational Scholarship 2022

Victims Assist Queensland forms 

Funeral Assistance Application Form

Related Victim Form

Community Organisations

Witness as Secondary Victims Form

Verification of Identity Form

Primary Victim Form

Parent as Secondary Victims Form

Victims Register

Victims Register Application Form

Further information can be found on their website or you may contact them on their free call number 1800 098 098 from 8am-5pm or email them here.


QHVSG Annual Report 

QHVSG Annual Report 2020

QHVSG Annual Report 2021

QHVSG Annual Report 2022


QHVSG membership and governance documents

QHVSG Membership forms 

Client Consent Form


QHVSG-Constitution 5 December 2020




If you are having trouble finding the right forms, please contact us.


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