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Funeral Expenses

How is the funeral paid for?

When someone is murdered in Queensland, the Department of Justice and Attorney General will cover the costs of the funeral up to the sum of $8,000. It is possible that the funeral director will be unaware of this process of payment, and in this case, you are most welcome to contact QHVSG.

Our staff can explain to the funeral director the method of payment.

Organising funeral costs with the Department of Justice and Attorney General
  • QHVSG can send the application directly to the Funeral Director who can then assist you with completing the form and the Funeral Director can return the form to the DJAG; OR
  • You can complete the form and return it to the DJAG for processing. If this is your choice the Funeral Director will need to be notified of your plan and they may send the account direct to the department ; OR
  • If you have already paid for you loved one’s funeral, you may complete the DJAG form – attach the paid receipt to the completed form, and send it into the DJAG for reimbursement of payment.

You can find the Victim Assist Funeral Assistance Application Form here.

Note that the headstone is a separate item to the funeral itself, and the Department of Justice and Attorney General (DJAG) will not reimburse you for this separately. Because of this, you may want to speak to your Funeral Director about having the headstone costed into the funeral as a package to ensure you are not hit with additional costs.

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